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Approximately 45 minutes drive south of Canmore along the Smith Dorien highway is the Spray Lake. This lake tucked away behind the ‘Goat’ mountain range bordering the East flank of Banff National Park presents you with some of the wildest areas in Kananaskis Country and the Rocky Mountains. It is here along its 24 Km length that ‘Mad Dogs’ offers most of our dog sled & ski-joring tours. This pristine wilderness area offers incredible mountain vistas for the photographer, and a winter playground for the outdoor enthusiast.

Here we share our trails with recreational mushers and other commercial operators. Due to park regulations we do not have as much flexibility for dog sledding as we do with ski-joring resulting in a busy trail at the North end of the Lake. This is usually typical until we have access on the lake come January and can be quite entertaining, offering a unique look at other types of huskies, sleds and operations on the trail. Once January has past us by, we have access onto the Spray Lake itself. Here we get to coast down the length of the lake on our half and full day outings. Rounding the comer on the lake you will see the mountains in their glory all around, it can get quite blustery at times which only adds to the effect of your winter ‘Arctic’ experience with the dogs. But an hour later you will be in the shelter of the trees heading to the en d of the trail for hot drinks and snacks. Our ski-joring tours have access to a few additional trails in the same vicinity of the Spray, some of which get a lot more snow earlier in the season giving us an earlier start.

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