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Corporate Team Building

The focus for most team building activities is to find a unique and interesting way for a group to improve their communication and team skills though fun, challenging, and stimulating activities. With this in mind, Dog sledding is a natural fit for a team building program. The relationships and teamwork that develop with a dog team can offer intriguing insights into relationships and teamwork in many other settings and are the same skills that make successful sport and work teams. Let our dogs teams help your team reach their goals.

Mad Dogs & Englishmen have put together two 1/2 day team building programs. These can be completed separately if time is a factor, or combine them for a full day of team building enjoyment.

Team Dogsled - 1/2 day program

This program starts at our kennel site. The group is split into teams and given directions on how to get their dog members ready for the trail and loaded for travel. Once up at the trail, our guides assist each team in preparing for our Mountain Musher 2-Hour dogsled tour. Not only is each team responsible for getting ready and mushing their teams (with assistance from our guides) but we will throw in some interesting twists to ensure they stay on their toes and get the most out of the experience. Once back at the trail head, we will debrief with the group over hot chocolate, spiced apple cider and freshly baked cookies from the Mad Dog Cafe & Market and leave with a great souvenir of the day.

$185.00 per person + GST
Min of 8, max of 20 participants.

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Mad Dogs Iditarod Challenge - 1/2 day program

This team building game is based loosely on the big Iditarod Dogsled Race held in Alaska each year. The group is divided into teams and then sent shopping in the General Store for items that they may need out on the trail. Once their sled is packed and they are ready to get their sled out on the race trail, their time starts. They will need to work as a team to get around the course stopping at checkpoints, completing team skills challenges, and answering skill testing questions in order to continue further along. Time is added or subtracted from final times, based on how well the team completes these tasks. The Team with the lowest time wins the race and the team with the highest takes the ceremonial red lantern. It is not always the fastest or the first team to finish that wins this race and the best thing is...we don't use dogs!! Hot chocolate, hot spiced apple beverage, snacks, & souvenir included in price.

$120.00 per person + GST
Min of 8, max of 20 participants.

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Full Day of Dog Gone Team building

This full day program, combines both the Team Dogsled and the Mad Dogs Iditarod Challenge. The group would enjoy a lunch at the Mad Dog Cafe & Market between the two programs and then wrap up the day with a final closing reception.

$315.00 per person + GST
Min of 8, max of 40 participants.

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