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January 2016
Mad Dogs was the highlight of our trip to Canada.
We booked the overnight dog sled trip and not really knowing what to expect we were so surprised.
Everything was taken care of... food, equipment. Everything.
Then there were the Dogs. So friendly and beautiful, and we had our own sled and team of seven.
The camping was stunning, full moon and clear night made the lake and mountains stunning.
I was surprised that we didn't feel cold despite it being -20. This is again due to planning and care taken by Mad Dogs.
Our guide was friendly professional and clearly cared for the dogs.
The food was some of best if not the best we ate in 3 weeks in Canada. Gluten Free, vegan wasn't a problem with curries and other tasty goods. Meat eaters were more than taken care of as well.
If you get the chance to go dog sledding, I can't recommend Mad Dogs enough.
Martin Smith

January 14, 2015
Hi Dawn,
We just wanted to say thanks for this great experience! We had an amazing day and enjoyed the tour very much! The dogs were absolutely nice and friendly and it was great watching them and play with them. Anthony did a very good job and it was a lot of fun riding along with him! We will recommend you to our friends who visit Canada quite often.
Thanks also for the tasty lunch! We wish you all the best!

January 10, 2015
Hi Dawn!
The dog sledding truly was a memorable experience and I can't help but look back at every photos that I took. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Yours Truly,

January 2, 2015
Thanks Dawn! Wonderful day. I rode with Tiffany ... Lovely gal!

December 22, 2014
Thank for arranging the wonderful dogsled trip we had today. My relatives from North Carolina had a memorable (although a bit cold...I warned them) time. My youngest niece kept asking if she could take one of your dogs home with her! ("they have so many....I just want one").
Thanks for everything.
Merry Christmas,
Ignacio Lawless

December 17, 2014
I went dog sledding in 2012 as part of adventure training with the British army and to this day it's the best thing I've ever done I loved every bit ski joring the first day then on a frozen lake dog sledding and chasing the sledge as I fell off but if I ever go Canada again I will definitely revisit hope my boy storm still there.
Thanks for everything.
Dale Alcock

January 30, 2014
Hi Dawn,
We just got back from the tour and we had an amazing experience!!!
Your guides were brilliant and the dogs are absolutely fantastic, great lunch and stunning scenery. Thank you so much and all the best with your business. Regards, Art Blom

March 11, 2013
Hi Dawn,
Thanks so much to you, Russell and Roy for making yesterday’s dog sledding trip so memorable.
You had warned us that the recent warm conditions might make it impossible to complete a full day tour – but it was obvious that you would do everything you could to let us enjoy as long a tour as possible. We were lucky and were, in fact, able to do the full day Spray Lakes Quest.
What a magnificent day! The snow-covered lake, the ice drifts and the trail through the forest were spectacular, the specially-delivered lunch was great, and Roy taught us a lot about the dogs and sledding. But the most memorable part was the dogs. I will never forget watching those nine amazing dogs do what they love to do – run and pull. Thanks Tequila, Loki and your teammates!
Thanks for letting me fulfill a long-held dream!
Helen Henderson

February 23, 2013
We want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful time last weekend. My husband and I took the half-day tour and enjoyed every second. We picked your tour because you were small and offered more personal service and we were not disappointed. Anna, our guide was great, the scenery was breathtaking and lunch was tasty and filling. We will always remember all the dogs names and appreciate their love of the sport. We recommend your tour to anyone wanting an exciting adventure!
Linda Winterfeld

February 21, 2013
Hi Dawn and Russel,
Just a quick note to express how impressed we were with our tour with your company. Vicky was amazing with her skill and knowledge of handling the dogs. Both my self and my daughter Victoria are really impressed and feel we learned a lot. Next time we are out this way we are definitely going to book another tour. Feel free to use us as a reference.
Gerry and Victoria Giesler

February 4, 2013
Hey guys,
Just wanted to drop you an email to say a massive thank you for such an amazing week. I cannot sing your praises enough and have walked around with a smile on my face since returning to work and have truly missed being around the dogs over the weekend. I have posted reviews on Trip Advisor for both the Sled Dogs Company and the restaurant (although I didn’t mention about the grey haired old chef blokes cooking skills…lol) and I hope this helps return you to the No 1 spot as you richly deserve.
SSgt PL Bowen (Jim)

January 8, 2013
Hi.  Just a short note to tell you how much my wife, son, mother and I enjoyed our dog sledding adventure last week on Dec 31st.
Roy, our guide, added significantly to the enjoyment of our trip, providing us with interesting information about the dogs and the company.
We especially appreciated being able to participate according to our abilities.  My mother, age 91, stayed warm and secure inside the sled. (Dog sledding was certainly the highlight of her visit with us.)  My wife was able to "share" driving with the guide, something she was not ready to do last year when we went dog sledding.  My 21 year-old son and I were able to be more active by sharing driving our dog team in our own sled.
I know that some of your competitors do not allow customers to lead their own dog team, or if they do, only at a substantially higher price.  I will recommend your company to anyone who asks.
Thank you also for customizing our trip by allowing us to bring our own food.
Wishing you a successful season.

January 8, 2013
Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for our time dogsledding. Everyone enjoyed themselves very much!!
It was such a beautiful day, your staff were amazing!! You should be very proud to have such incredible people working for you.
The dogs were adorable!! Everyone had there favorite. It was a spectacular experience for our family.
Thank you again.
Take care
Raegan Fodor
Ps are you in trip advisor? I would love to do a review for you.

January 7, 2013
Hi Dawn
Liz, the kids and I want to thank you, Russell and the team at Mad Dogs for a truly memorable day.  As far as Duncan and I are concerned it was the highlight of the trip to take a full day out with Roy and his team.  Please pass my sincere thanks to Roy - he did a brilliant job in every respect (and it was great to chat with a fellow ex-Para and Afghan vet).  Liz tells me Anna was great with her and Shannon as well.
  Just one thing:  I really wanted to pick up a mad dogs expedition patch ($7.50 I think) but we just didnt get the opportunity.  How can I get my hands on one?
  I'm already planning my next trip out with Mad Dogs (maybe an overnighter!)
  thanks and best wishes
Andrew Edwards

April 21, 2012
It was awesome!.. Thanks to Mad Dogs & Englishmen expedition crew who made my dogsledding and cross country skiing experience memorable.. Would recommend them to everyone..
Daniel Boateng

March 25, 2012
Thanks for a great week, it is one of the best things i have done in the Army.
Simon Griffin

March 24, 2012
Guys. Thanks for the time of my life for the week, I will remember our special moments round the camp fire. best week I could of had in Canada by far. Russell if you get your planed expedition off the ground look me up I would love to work that hard with your team again. Thanks again :)
Lee Young

March 11, 2012
Thank you so much for the incredible tour! I didn't realize it would be so much fun. Everyone in our group thoroughly enjoyed it (pretty impressive given our group included a 7 year old, an often cranky teenager and me) and all of us are keen to do it again. I can't say enough about your staff, they handled everything so well. Our guide, Ben, was absolutely awesome.

March 5, 2012
Dawn and Russell
Thanks to you both for a great day yesterday despite the road and weather challenges. The kids and us really enjoyed it and look forward to a longer trip back with you guys soon.. Also let me know when the bhajji is ready to go!
Wayne and Suz

March 4, 2012
Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing day in the mountains. We really enjoyed our dog sled adventure. We had a safe journey back to Bragg Creek thanks to the generosity of some Calgarians who gave us a lift back to our car in Canmore - hope the rest of the group, including all the hard working huskies, arrived safely back as well.
John and Janet Bennett

February 26, 2012
Hello Dawn,
This is a little late, but it seems I haven't had a minute until now to send a note of thanks to Cassandra and the other guide. We had a trip on Thurs, Feb. 9 that was fantastic. We had 5 kids and 2 adults and we all had a marvellous time. We were lucky to get blue skies and sunshine for our ride and the mountains were amazing. Cassandra was super friendly and she did an excellent job of answering our questions and making the experience really fun for the kids. I would recommend Mad Dogs to anyone interested. I think it was a great experience and a great birthday present for our kids.
Many thanks!
Corinne Dickson

February 22, 2012
Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to say thank you for everything with the dog sledding adventures. We had a great time! I hope your week is going well!

February 15, 2012
Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time on Saturday, it was fabulous to be out on the lake with your dogs and Cass. Cass was a wonderful guide, she took care of us very well.
Best regards,

February 7, 2012
Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for a wonderful afternoon! The kids loved that they could just pet any dog and could play with them. It was also a pleasure to be able to help with the harnessing and learn a bit about the dogs. We appreciated your guides, they were friendly, relaxed and personable but professional and compotent. One of the kids announced at dinner that 'this was his BEST DAY!' Thank you, it was a great way to spend an afternoon in the mountains. We will certainly be recommending it to our friends.
The Shillam family

January 14, 2012
Good morning Dawn,
Just wanted to thank you for making our dog sledding possible yesterday. It was great and Jan was awesome! The weather was very nice and we certainly enjoyed being able to stand on the runners and experience that part of dog sledding.
Thanks again,

January 4, 2012
Hi Russell and Dawn!
Just wanted to send a note directly to y'all (southern word for you all!) My husband Dennis and I took a 2 hour tour on Dec. 27th with "the gang" and we had such an incredible experience! Sending a couple of photos of Russell and Rick with us! Rick was our guide and he was very friendly, funny, and extremely informative! Answered any and all questions we had, as well as Russell. AND afterwards, Russell, Rick, and I think the other guides name was Ben? (he was from Nova Scotia) was gracious enough to take our pictures! We have been telling any and everyone who will listen to us about our dog sled tour. Thank you so very much for being sooo wonderful! Our review was just posted on Trip Advisor!! We were referred by Sue & Dave Booth at Ambleside Lodge where we stayed! Russell if you get back to Charleston, SC, please DO NOT hesitate to come visit and stay with us in Greenville (about 3 hrs from Charleston).
Dennis Zeiger & Renee' Killian-Zeiger

January 1, 2012
Thanks for a great day on New Years Eve, all had a great time, full on day and we just had enough time to get back and get everything ready for a New Year Party. Hope you had a good New Year celebration.
See you soon.

December 30, 2011
Hi Dawn! Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had yesterday - our Aussie friends were really impressed... I just wanted to send a few of the many photos I took.
Thanks again!

December 28, 2011
Many thanks for a fantastic day. The weather blew up a bit, but we had a blast. Jan was very good with the kids and your whole set up was 1st class. Very enjoyable. Many thanks to you all
Nik Joint

December 26, 2011
Just got back from an absolutely fantastic Boxing day morning out on Spay Lake with you. We loved the experience of 'mushing' the dogs & letting your staff be the passenger on our sled. Very professional & friendly staff & well looked after teams of dogs. We have family coming out from UK & are already planning on bringing them on this experience - time permitting. Hot chocolate drink after unharnessing dogs was very welcome too. Hope to see you all again soon. Happy New Year
Pete Campbell

December 24, 2011
Thank you so much for a wonderful day and experience with the dogs today. It totally made Kristin's day to be able to drive the sleigh!!!
Bonnie, Ryan and Kristin Loucks

December 11, 2011
We had a fantastic run today!!! Gorgeous scenery, fresh snow, hardworking happy dogs and the wind at our backs -- at least some of the way. Thank you Mad Dogs!
Naomi Wyse

May 12, 2011
Hi Dawn,
A very belated email to say 'Thank you' - we truly did have the day of our lives! Absolutely incredible day and I am so glad we chose MDE.
Some great photos of our day are on our blog:
best wishes

March 21, 2011
Hello Dawn,
We had a wonderful trip - really enjoyed it. Roy is more than a great guide - he is a great host. He explained everything so well and was so careful at all the critical points of the trip to stop and advise us and help us. For me it was great to be driving the one sled but with help and advice to keep me out of trouble. He was just so pleasant to be with. Gwen and I both like dogs anyway and it was fun to be so involved from harnessing right through to putting the dogs back in the boxes. I got the impression that there is a lot that can go wrong, but Roy made sure that nothing went wrong! Thanks - we could send a few pictures if you need any but you must have lots. The day was sunny mostly but with just enough clouds around to make it interesting. Also warm but not melthing.

March 17, 2011
Hi Russell,
Many thanks for our lovely day out. We both had a fantastic day and would thoroughly recommend you to anyone . In fact we already did - someone pulled up after you had left and enquired aboutour day. We told him that it had been brilliant and we much prefered our trip with you . Snowy Owl were good but you are better! I ( or should I say my son) have attached a selection of the photos as you requested. There are several more, these have also been sized down to send to you. If you want a larger copy or see any of the others, please ask. Again, many thanks for our superb memory filled day.
Steve and Rosemary

March 14, 2011
Drew and I wanted to thank you very much for an outstanding day. Our grandchildren had a fantastic time, as did we. We also really wanted to thank and recognize Roy for the great work out on the trail. He was excellent with the kids, made helping with the dogs easy and kept his composure at all times. He is a terrific asset to your team. We will certainly recommend your tour to anyone we know who is looking for a fun day with good variety. Seeing the kennel, helping unload and harness the dogs, riding in the sled and helping put the dogs back in their boxes made it a full day with many different types of experiences. Well done and thanks again.
Drew and Deb Deane

March 14, 2011
Hello Dawn,
Our family went out yesterday with Roy and Cassandra on our 2 hour tour. I just can't say enough how much fun we had, your dogs are beautiful and your guides were absolutely the best. Both Roy and Cassandra were so amazing, they explained everything, let us help and feel a part of things. They told us all about the dogs your guides are so knowledgeable, they really made our whole experience that much better!!! Thank you so much for the most wonderful experience our family could have had! Hopefully we will come again next year! I will be sure to tell everyone I know about Mad Dogs and Englishmen Expeditions –best sled company out there! Thank you!!!!!
Ann Hayes

January 31, 2011
Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to send a quick email letting you know how much Lonnie and I enjoyed the dog sled tour on Saturday. Everyone was amazing, you have a great crew with you! We want to do it again! Thanks again for all of your help. Roy is a great driver and talked to us lots about the dogs, the route, everything. And Cass was a perfect guide. We hope to see you again this year, if not, then definitely next year when we go up. Have a great week, and please let everyone know we say thank you
Toni Wilson

January 5, 2011
This was one of the most enjoyable winter activities that I have ever experienced. And I owe it all to MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMAN. They were the best. From the meet and greet with the operators and the dogs to the hot chocolate and conversation about our experience at the end. A day I will never forget. Thank you MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN! I hope to do it again very soon.
Bob Miller

January 5, 2011
Thanks so much Dawn!
We had an amazing time!!
Sent from my iPhone

January 3, 2011
Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to let you know the tour was great!!! Thanks for your help!
Vivian J

December 27, 2010
Hi Dawn,
Thank you very much for your email, sorry we did not see it until now. Dave, Kathryn and Mike had an amazing time dog sledding with you guys thank you so much. Merry christmas to you both hope you had a great day. Speak soon!

December 23, 2010
Thanks Dawn!
We had a great time. Everything about this package was terrific, especially the warmth and hospitality your family showed us. Ricard and Nathan were great today and we had a lot of fun with the dogs. I am going to tell as many people as I can to come experience your tours. Have a great Christmas!

December 22, 2010
Hi Dawn - Just did the tour from the Ranch today with my family and LOVED it! Thanks!

November 28, 2010
Hi there,
Just wanted to drop a line and say what a great time we had today at the Rafter Six Ranch. My husband and I went out with your guide Ben, for our first dog sledding experience. Not only were the dogs adorable (and obviously well loved, which meant a lot to a couple of dog-lovers), but Ben was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed be able to participate in so much of the process, and I appreciated Ben's willingness to accomodate my (perhaps excessive) picture taking, and the time he took to explain the process of dog sledding.
We will definitely be back!
Robyn Tremblay

February 15, 2010
We went out on Valentine's Day and had a great time! It was such an experience and the kids loved it!! Highlight of our weekend for sure!!! We will definately be back for a 4 hour excursion soon!! And thanks for the recommendation to Rocky Mtn Flatbread, Ben. Pizza was fantastic.
Kory and Ange

January 12, 2010
Hi Dawn,
We really enjoyed our tour on Saturday. Chris was fantastic!
Thanks again,

January 3, 2010
Hi Dawn,
We have been out all day and I just got connected to wireless now. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience. My friends and I were still talking about it this evening. It was a wonderful adventure for all of us. Your guides were awesome and we loved the dogs. Thank you so much.
Mary Appleton

January 2, 2010
Hi Dawn,
I just want to say thanks, we certainly enjoyed our day out. Adam was an excellent guide and very knowledgeable not to mention very patient with all the questions we asked. This is something I really would recommend to many folk as it is well worth the experience.
All the best for the New Years.
Warm Regards,

December 29, 2009
Just wanted to say that we all had a great time today. Weather was great and so were the guides and dogs. Quite possibly the most fun we've had over the holidays.
Thank you,

December 24, 2009
Please could you Thank the guys for today we all had an awesome time and will hopefully return next year.
Sam Dan Rhys and Fin

December 2, 2009
Hi Dawn Apologies for the mistake - I did mean Russell.... the memory is going! As I said before it's good to see that you're still going - I had a fantastic time when I was posted out in Canada with the Army and spending time out in the mountains was always a bit special. The days we spent dog-sledding I think I'll remember for the rest of my life - being a dog lover and the outdoors it combined the two perfectly! and I still wear my "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" fleece neck warmer! I was trying to remember the names of the dogs in our team earlier - Rosie, Sky, Muffin....and that's as far as I got!! Thanks again

April 8, 2009
Russel thank you so much! Dog sledding with you was such a great experience. You were so knowledgeable and such a great guide. Even though the 2 hour tour was great, I wish we did longer because it was so thrilling. Maybe one day we'll do the iditarod! It was a definite adventure and we will be coming out again for sure. Thank you so much.
Carly & Jan

March 18, 2009
Hi Dawn, I meant to email you a while ago.  We went on the 10 km loop with your outfit on March 8th.  It was a surprise for our daughter’s birthday.  She had the most amazing time and a very memorable 9th birthday.  Jody and Ian were amazing and made her feel like she was apart of the team.  She was able to help harness the dogs and loved helping look after them at the end of the trip.  Ian was very helpful when she was on the back of the sleigh with him and helped her not be sad when they had to turn around a little early because our 2 year old was cold and crying.   Thank you once again and we would absolutely recommend Mad Dogs Expeditions to anyone who is looking for a fun and different winter activity.
Jennifer Conway

March 2, 2009
Have you ever planned an adventure and in your minds eye you pictured it to happen in a certain way? Well this was one of those times. This was an amazing experience and up until 3 weeks ago I would have never imagined that I would have ever taken the time to do something like this. Am I ever glad that I did and did you guys ever deliver! Thank you Dawn, Russell, Jody and Adam for your gracious hospitality and professionalism. We'll be back.
Chris, Shannon & Emilie

Feb 23, 2009
Just to say thanks so much today's dog sled was one of the best experiences we have had. Great company from our guide, especially as he had to wait two hours for us to arrive. many many thanks,
Andy Smith.

Feb 17, 2009
Dawn, Sorry for the delay in replying and for failing to get Cole over to play with Jaya. The two of them playing together was a highlight of the evening. He really had a blast with her. We all had a terrific time and hope to do it again soon. The dogsledding was the best ever and we look forward to going on greater and more challenging adventures. If we can get back in late March, I'll let you know. Take care and give our best to Russell and the girls.
Nick Thompson

Jan 25, 2009
Hi Dawn,  Our whole group had a fantastic week, with all objectives more than met.  Our budget managers have just agreed to funding for a similar course next year so I will be in touch with yourselves and TEC shortly to hopefully sort out dates etc.   Once again many thanks, Regards to Russell, All the best,
Iain Carneigie, British Army Vet Corp

Jan 25, 2009
hiya Russ and Chris,
just to say thank you for an amazing time over the last week. The memories i have taken away with me will last a life time. You guys made the whole adventure worth while. The idea of getting a team of dogs together and going across a frozen lake was something i had never thought was going to be in my dreams let alone reality. I loved every minute of the experience even the really cold bits, which were off set by the best field curry i have ever tasted. Keep up the good work guys, Emily and i will be seeing you shortly so she can see what i have been non stop talking about. Thanks again guys and take care.
James Slim Scott, Medicine Hat

Jan 23, 2009
Thanks for a great 4 days guys, really enjoyed the course, and Russell's curry!. Take care!
Ken Gerald

Jan 22, 2009
it was a superb tour thanks and Chris was a great guide. He said I'm welcome to come and help if i move to calgary so i may take him up on it. Thanks for everything - it really made the trip for my mum x
Sherri Hinds

Jan 19, 2009
Dawn, We had a great time. Ian was an excellent guide. So polite, really  took good care of us. He was also devoted to responsibility as he  continued his duties after we finished and let us help. We will be  going out again. Thanks again.
Sheryl Edgar
PS. thanks for making it happen so late.

Jan 17, 2009
its Dave from 104 mwdsu, just wondering when the pics will be on your website, we had a fantastic time thank you from us all , Regards
Dave Heyhoe

Jan 12, 2009
Thanks so much to everyone for making our first 'Birthday Adventure Trip' such a big success. Everyone on the trip had a fantastic time, going under a full moon is an amazing experience that we will never forget. Your guides were fabulous. They were a lot of fun, personable and full of information. We can't wait to come again.
Tracy Warner

Hi Dawn,
Again we just wanted to tell you what a fantastic time we had.  The sky was amazing - so we couldn't have planned it better.   We will see you soon (can't wait to do it again, will have to see who has the next birthday, and if nothing else will be back next January!)   Thank you again, and please thank our guides as well, they were fantastic.... I think we will see them again in the summer for a cave tour for my birthday LOL.  
Tracy Warner

Jan 3, 2009
Hi Dawn,
Wanted to drop you a note and express our thanks for a great trip, Nick was our musher and he along with the others made it an event to remember. I am passing along you email and web address to my niece who may be searching an adventure for some friends a bit later in the season. Take care, and again, my thanks!
Wynne Dobbs

Jan 9, 2009
Hi Dawn!
Our dog sledding trip was really fun! Chris was a great guide and the dogs were really cute. Not what we thought we would see...but cute :0) I guess we thought we would see what is in the movies. Anyways we recommended a family of 5 the day we went dogsledding to call you. Actually you might enjoy this story. My husband and I were in Snowy Owl returning a fuzzy hat I had bought Derek for Christmas. There was two ladies asking the guy if they had room for 5 to go dogsledding that day or the next day. He said no. Then they asked if there was any other Dogsledding companies in the Canmore area. He said no, but there is one in Lake Louise. Then he gave them a Banff Adventure number. We followed the ladies out and gave them your name and number. I let her know you were really nice. Hopefully they called. Then we recommended you to people at the Wild Orchid restaurant. And when we got home we told everyone about you. So hopefully you got some business from our recommendations! Anyways I hope you all had a great New Year! Take Care :0)

Jan 2, 2009
I must thank you for a very wonderful experience. We have been to the mountains several times a year for at least 30 years. This was a first for us. The crew you had out this afternoon were great and our guide(can't remember His name) was excellent.   Anyway thanks again for a wonderful afternoon experience. I will definitely recommend your smaller company to anyone who asks and for those that don't ask I'm sure that we will recommend this adventure.  
Thanks, Dan Tymko

Dec 31, 2008
Thanks so much for the wonderful experience. We had a great day and have recommended your company to several friends. Thanks so much!

Dec 29, 2008
Hi Dawn,  
I just wanted to write you a quick email to say what a fantastic day we had dogsledding today. A day we will never forget.. and we managed to get some wonderful pictures.. Thanks again for all the help and please let me know if there are any problems with the payment. Have a wonderful time in Costa Rica!   Happy New Year.  
Becci and Anne

March 11, 2008
Hi Dawn,
Thx again for an absolute great weekend. Accommodations were great and the sledding was like nothing we have experienced before. Everyone loved it and the only disappointment was that we had to go home. Both Brenda and I are will definitely be recommending that more people experience dog sledding and to use Mad Dogs & Englishmen. Things could not of been better.
Thx again!!!,

Ken Rollheiser

March 9, 2008
Dear Dawn,
A quick note to say an enormous thank you for the most wonderful time dog sledding. Ian and Jody could not have been kinder, friendlier or more patient - they gave us an unforgettable time and George remarked that 'it was the best day of my life' - I think that says it all! Please could you pass on our thanks, it was fantastic!
Best wishes,

Victoria Hankinson

March 4, 2008
Hiya Dawn
Yes we all had a fab weekend and were so please to be able to do the dog sledding this year.  Many thanks to your guys for doing such a great job, all the feed back we received was very good. Once again many thanks.

Prairie Rose Club

Feb. 25, 2008
Dear Dawn, Thanks for re-arranging the dog sledding for us. We are just e-mailing to say what a brilliant time we had yesterday. The food was very good and your guides, Ian and Stefan, were excellent. Please thank them for us.
Margaret and Brian.

Feb. 23, 2008
Hi Dawn,  
I just wanted to email to say thank you for the wonderful dog sled trip we went on last weekend. My boyfriend and I had such an excellent day, that we wanted to email to compliment yourself and your team.  

Firstly, your help was great in organizing the trip - we emailed two companies about going on a trip and you replied right away (they didn't) and so that is why we chose Mad Dogs in the first place. We are really glad we did because we had a great time - it was cool that Russell came to talk with us before the trip, telling us about the company and the dogs and showing us how to drive the sled (we loved that we were able to drive our own sled!).  It was great being part of such a small group. Our guides were awesome --- they were helpful, friendly, told us stories about the dogs and dog sledding and took photos for us too.  Btw the lunch (especially the beef stew) was delicious, too.  

Just wanted to say 'thanks' for the great experience. We will be recommending your company to our friends, as well as returning sometime in the future.  

thanks again,


Feb. 9, 2008
Dawn, thanks so much for your assistance, the trip was grand.

Jan 13, 2008
Just a quick note to say thanks to Russ for getting us started on skijoring... I can see where this can be lots of fun. Looking forward to some more snow coming our way...soon I hope! I think we will head further into K-country next weekend.
Mary and Jack

Jan 8, 2008
Just wanted to thank you for taking Rhonda and I out on Sunday. You went well above and beyond what we were expecting and paid for. I’m sitting in my office right now wishing I had your life. Well maybe not the long hours and dealing with clients. Anyways just want to say thanks.
Rob Fradette

Jan 3, 2008
Thanks so much to you and Russell for preparing such a fine experience for the DeBruyn/Morgan family.  We had an excellent time from the moment we arrived and had the chance to hitch up all the dogs, to see the dogs file in line and get to work and finally to receive our cupful of hot chocolate that Courtney said was the ‘best hot chocolate she has ever had’.  Weather aside, it was a brilliant day and I am most grateful to Mad Dogs for the fantastic experience.  Keep up the great work!

Jan 3, 2008
Hello Dawn. We had such a good time on the 28 of December , my Family will never forget this day. For some reason the name Dawn Hedge was ringing a bell in my aging brain. Than when we started talking with your Husband about Animals and Horses, he mentioned that your Dad was Rick Hedge. I could not believe it.  We had our Horses with Norman O'Neil and   so Rick Hedge, Graham Niblett, Ferris  they are all in our Photo Archive with our Horses. Your Dad was up on Turks Princess and won the Race  in Sept. 1978. Well Dawn it's a small World after all. You and your Family have a wonderful 2008, and I will tell all my friends to try this expedition with their Families and  your Company.
Take care, and all the Best.
Gisela Gerlach with her whole Gang.
June 4, 2015
We loved the kennel tour today. It was amazing and all the dogs are absolutely beautiful. Thank you again. Will definitely be back as soon as I can.

May 31, 2010
Dawn and Russell,
Thank you sooo much for the great birthday party. The kids absolutely loved it. Ben said that was the best party he has ever had! You did a great job.
Catherine and Murray

May 2, 2010
Dear Dawn,
Thank you for a very exciting tour. The kids and I just loved it. We really appreciated the personal attention and we will definitely be connecting with you to book other adventures.

November 30, 2009
On behalf of Scotiabank 37th Street branch, thank you for an educational and delightful time. The staff, many of whom are immigrants to Canada, found the evening to be superb. The dinner was absolutely delicious and our thanks to the cooks! We truly appreciate your manner of accommodating us. It was my pleasure to meet you. Happy holidays.
August 26, 2009
Just a quick note now that we are home - THANK YOU and your husband so much for the tour with the puppies and the big dogs! We had a great time and learned a lot. We will be sure to recommend you and we are hoping to get back in the winter to come for a ride. Joel joked that he had a puppy in his pocket once we got back to Canmore. HA!
Thank you again. Enjoy the rest of your summer
Carrie, Stew, Joel and Luke Schmidt

May 28, 2009
Dear Russell,
Re: Fam Tour for Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge Front Office Staff – May 27, 2009
Thank you so much for the enjoyable and informative Kennel Tour. Each of us enjoyed it very much. It is apparent that these dogs are loved and well cared for, which was obvious with their happy and playful demeanour. It was good to see how they live and learn about the various breeds of dogs, the sleds and dog sledding and how they spend their summer vacation. (Lucky Dogs)! As you know, the puppies were a highlight for us. Your jovial attitude and knowledge about the dogs and history surrounding your sport is impressive and make for a fun experience. We wish you all the best for a successful season of kennel tours and also with the development of your interpretive signage along your newly developed trail walk. We will certainly recommend you Russell and the Kennel Tour whenever possible. On behalf of our group, thank you for taking time out to show us around. Regards,
Donna Trautman, CHLA President
General Manager
Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge, Canmore, Alberta

May 14, 2009
Dawn & Russell - thank you for the tour (and dinner!!) Saturday night.  The evening was the highlight of everyone's weekend.  Grace can't stop talking about your girls and keeps telling everyone she saw a bear who burped! You are a wonderful family - thank you for sharing your company.
Our goal is to give you the same thrill and enjoyment
we get every time we take our dogs out for a run.