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Mad Dogs and Country Music Television (CMT)
on Top of the World!

Just this last week Russell and a team of our dogs were on the top of Lake Louise Ski Area, doing a video/photo shoot with Country Music Television for a Christmas Special featuring Terri Clarke and the Stellas. With some magnificant views of the Mountains and of the lake at Lake Louise, Russell assisted the Stellas (Brad & Marylin), an up incoming Country duo, to lead a team of our dogs along the Paradise Ridge at the top of the Lake Louise Ski Area. The shoot went well but the lead up to it was a little "hairy" as they had to get the team of dogs and sled up to the top using the gondola! The dogs faired well though and enjoyed the ride. The Christmas special will be aired this December and will be shown several times over the next 6 years.

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

Russell and Dawn are the proud parents of 3 new sets of puppies this summer. They rescued 6 - 10 week old Lurcher/Belgium Sheppard Cross’s in May. Lurcher and Greyhound are now being breed into racing lines of late. They are hoping to train these six for Skijoring. The second litter of 5 were born the end of Apri l from Smudge by Magnet. These 5 Alaskan’s are fun, fluffy and full of energy! The youngest 4, born the end of May are ½ German Short-hair Pointer and Alaskan Husky. These four are completely adorable and Russ & Dawn are looking forward to seeing which parent each will take after. So far the two boys look more like mom and the girls just like their dad.

Summer at the Kennel!

The lazy days of summer are made more enjoyable for the dogs with Summer Kennel tours. The tours offered by Mad Dogs are fun & interactive, a real adventure for families and dog lovers alike. Visitors love to meet and play with all the dogs and puppies and the dogs love the extra attention!

Summer Kennel Tours are available for individuals, families, and groups.

Russell and Dawn put a lot of time and effort into the kennel to build & create a place that is both interesting and fun for people of all ages. Highlights include the chance to meet and play with 50 alaskan huskies and puppies, 2 acres of Nature trails complete with interpretive signage, a central gathering/trapper's tent area with large stone firepit, traditional trapper's tent, raised outdoor kitchen, examples of outdoor wilderness shelters, tracking sand. Within the 3 acres that they have, you will also see different examples of emergency shelters and fire pits. These are examples of what they teach on their wilderness survival programs.

For groups with kids, there is a special trail just for the little one's. The "Fairy Loop" includes articles of fairy lore within the natural surroundings along with obstacle course elements. A Passport to the world of Mad Dogs & Englishmen has been created, in which children receive stamps as they go through the kennel. They also have several games that can be planned with a group, which include a scavenger hunt.

Russ and Dawn have two young daughters themselves and have put a lot of focus on making sure that the area is a safe and fun environment for their own girls, as well as the children of those who would like to visit.

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You might see Russell , Dawn, and their girls out on the trails this summer riding their new dog - scooters. They purchased the scooters as their wedding presents to each other last fall, as well as, two new kick sleds this spring. They are training some of their lot to pull these new very cool and fun toys. The main reason for the purchases were to ensure a quick, easy, and fun way for the whole family to get out and enjoy the dogs. The scooters are also a great way to help keep the dogs fit during the summer months and help ease them into the fall training quicker. You can view the scooters on www.pawtrekker.com. Scooters can be purchased locally through the Urban Musher in Calgary. See our links page for contact information.

Mad Dogs & Englishmen Expeditions
featured in several articles !

Mad Dogs & Englishmen have been featured in several articles, some featuring Mad Dogs themselves, and others such as Lifestyle Magazine and Westworld Magazine where they were featured along with some of their partners in articles about Canada Winter Adventure Packages.

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