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Winter Kennel Tours

Join us for an intimate and personal visit of our kennel site and operation.

Get away from the crowds and join us for an intimate and personal visit of our kennel, trapper's camp, and interpretive trails! Meet all our huskies and take some time to play and have some fun with them! Great opportunity for photos and to be close to them. The winter tours include a roaring campfire in our Mock Trappers Camp where you will learn all about our operation and hear many humourous stories from the trail.

Winter Kennel Tours are available for individuals, families, and groups this winter season.

We have put a lot of time into the kennel to create a place that is both interesting and fun for people of all ages. Not only do you get to meet and play with 100 alaskan huskies and puppies, but we have built a number of trails around the site complete with interpretive signage that give you some useful and interesting information on the native flora and fauna and the history of dogsledding in this area. We have a small dogsled that the kids find fun to pull or push around the trails, pretending to be real sled dogs themselves!

Our mock Trapper's Camp is the main gathering area and has a large stone firepit, a traditional trapper's tent, and raised outdoor kitchen. Here we will have a roaring fire built that you can come to and warm up by while you enjoy your visit.


Winter Kennel Tours are booked on demand and based on availability.


$35.00 per Adult
$25.00 per Child (2-12 years)
Infants No Charge (up to 2 years)
GST is not included

1-877-6MAD-DOG (1-877-662-3364)

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Our goal is to give you the same thrill and enjoyment
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